The Power of Waking Up Early – The Golden Hour

advantages-of-waking-up-earlyThere’s a saying if you snooze you’ll lose. This means that those who wake up early will achieve success compared to those who sleep even after the sun arises. A study conducted by Guardian found that almost all the successful CEOs get out of bed early in the morning. There are so many celebrities and powerful personalities like Presidents and Prime Ministers of the countries who merely know about snoozing rather wake up as early as 4 am.

When we wake up our unconscious mind is very much active and this paves the way for quality work and helps to create our desired outcomes which are easily impressed upon the unconscious mind and tend to get fulfilled for sure. Successful people are well aware of this secret that the reason when everybody is lying on cozy beds, they get out of their comfort zone and carry on their effort. The brain produces various patterns of waves called Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Theta and Delta. Every wave has its frequency. The lower the frequency of the wave the higher the unconscious mind is active and the conscious mind is inactive.

Research shows that meditation increases the operation of theta and alpha waves, which enhances learning abilities and strengthens mental health. It’s proved that a person who wakes up early merely contains no stress and cannot get depressed in life. This is because early at 4 am Alpha waves are at their peak and when these waves are boosted they lower stress, reduce anxiety and control depression improving creative thinking. Hence this time is called ‘Eureka Time’ where so many strategies could be worked on. Early morning time is said to be a creative and most productive time as there will be fewer distractions and more clarity with fewer temptations for mobile phones, WhatsApp or other social media.

Getting out the bed early in the morning proved to be one of the easy brain hacks to success and as per the report published in Wall Street Journal it says that 4 am increases productivity and is considered as ‘Golden Hour’

5 easy ways to achieve the golden hour

  1. Setting intention is one of the most important things so set your intention with clarity of time.
  2. Set the alarm and keep it away from you to get disturbed without any further snooze.
  3. When about to sleep visualize that you are waking up at a defined time looking 4 am on the clock.
  4. It’s obvious that you need to practice going to bed early if you’re a night owl.
  5. Make the room dark and avoid display screen equipment like mobile, tab or laptop while you’re about to sleep, this can make your melatonin maintain a schedule.
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