Procrastination – The Most Serious Issue of the Generation

You’re a person who desires to be more productive, more disciplined and complete tasks on time or a student who wants to study on time and prepare well before exams, you want to go to the gym regularly, wake up early and manage your time efficiently. But all these are merely dreams? And you tend to end up in between a task or you don’t start the task at all till right before the deadline. You study just before exams making you more stressed. All these and more distractions happen without your intention leading to constant guilt making you frustrated. This is procrastination and is called ‘The Killer of Dreams’.

Procrastination is a meaningless phenomenon where people push off doing the tasks until the nick of the deadline. For example, a student who postpones working on an assignment until the night before its due date preparing for exams until the time reaches for it. Apart from students this tendency could also be found in adults in their profession by just putting off the projects until the deadline is nearby. This syndrome is common and can have negative impacts on the person who procrastinates. Procrastination has a very grave impact on people though it usually appears to be a small issue.

How Procrastination can be harmful

This syndrome can lead to various issues, such as:

Deadlines and opportunities:

People could miss the deadlines of the projects or students of their exams, especially with those projects or syllabi where considerable time is required for preparation or completion. Due to procrastination, people tend to presume that there is considerable time for completion and this leads to an attitude of ‘will do it tomorrow’ and the time passes by even when they take it seriously making it very short tight deadlines. Sometimes if not responded or acted to a particular situation or if they judge the time to be there some golden opportunities may be missed this leads to a guilty feeling in their life which has no meaning.

Performance issues

People, when get up to complete the work at the nick of the moment there are possibilities that they may complete it on time but it may affect the quality that work could’ve been by starting sometime before or the performance may prove to be a disaster as the work or exams were prepared only as a formality to reach the deadline.

Frustration and Stress

Trying to complete it right before the deadline may cause people physical and mental problems. People tend to feel frustrated, stressed and anxious and with lots of negative emotions in taking the tight deadlines to complete and in the meantime stressed out due to the same. This may cause physical issues leading to sleeplessness and other health problems affecting interpersonal issues with colleagues and the family as well.

Emotional Torment on Self

Negative emotions start perturbing leading to guilt, shame and disappointment and all these happen their own way and even then the procrastination still continues without even the person knowing why it is happening. These negative emotions get piled up with more and more lenience work postponement person towards depression as he thinks there’s no way to get out of it.

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