For OCD (Obsessive and Compulsive Behaviour)

It’s quite normal to be concerned about health, future and well-being. The alarm is to be raised when these concerns get too much occupied in mind paving the way for stress, anxiety and other negative mentality. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder means when a person gets persistent thoughts, images and urges generating anxiety and repetition of the same behaviours.

Some of the symptoms of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder are:

  • Washing hands number of time with fear of getting dirty, germs or contamination when touched anything or anyone.
  • Fear of getting harm or hurting others
  • Firm on things to be kept in order and organized
  • Unknown doubts, suspicion and distrust on others (in relationships)
  • Repeatedly checking doors locked, lights, vehicle keys and stove etc.
  • Avoiding public restrooms, eating in restaurants
  • Considering certain things, number and people to be unlucky and ill fated.
  • Accumulating unnecessary material, a scrap of different items with the intention of future reuse.
  • Excessive and inappropriate sexual thoughts or images.

NLP can help you with the above are some and many such indications of OCD by changing the way you perceive the images, thoughts and beliefs. OCD can be an unconscious trigger which might be unwanted by you but continuously returns frequently. NLP works on your belief systems in deep and which are creating an internal conflict as part of the compulsive disorder. NLP understands it to be a positive intention and facilitates you totally to conquer any OCD behaviour.

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