Anxiety, Stress & Depression Relieving Program

A survey revealed that in one in every five Employees is facing stress, anxiety and depression due to the workplace. Depression is one of the common problems that is facing by Indians. The repercussions of depression can be health, education, career, professional, social life and relationships. It is said that approximately 60 million Indians are facing this problem. Depression consists of sad, passive mood, lack of interest in life, lack of concentration and sleep, increased weight, exhaustion, guilty feeling, extremely negative thinking, low self-esteem and persistent thoughts of suicide. This happens due to various undesired situations in life where a depressed person feels he’s not capable of changing the situation and gets struck blaming the luck

NLP can help a depressed person to come out of it. By understanding the root cause of stress and depression change can be brought. Stress develops anxiety leading to fears negative beliefs and guilty feeling about the past and unnecessary worries of the future leading to depression. NLP has powerful techniques through the stress, anxiety and depression can be resolved. In NLP techniques, the behaviour of an unconscious mind is understood and how it’s creating images. Once the pattern of thinking is elicited the rewiring of the mind is done through NLP techniques.

NLP can excellently this issue helping organizations with retention problems. Our Anxiety, Stress & Depression Relieving Program for Organizations will help employees to practice some of very powerful techniques of NLP which will help them overcome the issues of stress, anxiety, low self-esteem and depression instantaneously. Employees can even carry forward these techniques for their colleagues, friends and relatives.

What you’ll learn?

  • Get the everlasting ability to punch out stress forever.
  • Develop an approach to resolve issues from different viewpoints.
  • Perform enormously at meetings, conferences and presentations.
  • Overcome the issues causing anxiety and stress.
  • Get rid of depression and convert the state into a positive and energetic state which can help you in success.
  • Get rid of negative and suicidal thoughts forever.

For whom this Program is?

  • For every person who is an employee or self employed.

Duration: Customization is available