Control Your Tongue

One of the most powerful parts of the body and gateway of the mind is the tongue. The tongue represents the mindset. It represents who you are and what kind of family background you come from. Anybody who spends a few minutes with you, or vice versa, can easily scan the family and the culture you come from, through your conversation. The tongue has huge importance in life. Communication happens through the tongue and this can destroy you or you can lose your dear ones. It’s said that fools speak and then think, while the wise think and then speak.

Sigmund Freud, the most famous psychologist and psychoanalyst, talks about tongue slips. He says tongue slips happen due to the unconscious mind’s efforts. When a person slips or says something incorrectly, it represents his unconscious mind’s thinking. The tongue is important in communication and communication includes the language and the words that the person uses. This is what corporate companies look for in candidates during initial-level interviews. With the tongue, one can make or lose friends and relationships.

This fleshy, boneless, muscular tongue can cause heart attacks, more pain, huge emotions like anger, sadness, or fear and can develop trust issues. It is so enormously powerful that it has caused deaths, riots and even wars. Research shows that an average person spends about one-fifth of his life talking and an average man speaks some 25,000 words per day, while the average woman speaks some 50,000 words per day. Practising control of the tongue is the one thing no one talks about.

Your tongue has the power to influence, direct, delight or displease you and others. Understand that the more you speak, the much more you are legalising yourself, right or wrong. It is said that ‘blessed is he who remains silent.’ Some of the simple tips to control your tongue:

  • Calm down and maintain silence as much as possible.
  • Practice mindfulness before speaking.
  • Before delivering, choose and organise your words in your mind.
  • Do not say what you do not mean.
  • Use as many positive words as possible.

Remember that what goes in through your tongue affects your health and what comes out of your tongue affects you and your surroundings. So control your thoughts to control your tongue.



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