About Syed Faqruddin

My Story

Syed Faqruddin Ali Ahmed.

M.C.A., M.Tech, Corporate Trainer & Life Coach NLP Practitioner

They say “Resources are within us”

This is what I reiterates through my incessant efforts and curiosity to find out what actually makes a person achieve success. The brain has been an interesting topic for me. Combining the wealth of life experience, knowledge and persistent growing dexterity, I have transformed clients’ personal aspirations, values and desires by eliminating many of the hitches and hazards of the life making the Change much easier, more rewarding and more exciting.

My Professional Contour

With my experience in leading, coaching, training, motivating and transforming individuals to achieve their goals. One of my great passions is coaching and training and doing so, I clasps on to the deep-rooted belief in the individual towards a difference. I am driven by the results providing stupendous NLP based Coaching for both personal and professional change. Possessing extensive, combinative experience as a Success-driven corporate trainer, Writer and as a Coach with an ample breadth of leadership and experience. I am a skilled and exceptional speaker with the ability to excel through innovative NLP techniques and out of box thinking. I have finer business acumen and group facilitation skills with the ability to promote an all-inclusive, high-performing culture where clients leverage each other’s’ talents to achieve full potential.

My Forte

Have helped clients pin down the challenges that barred them from success in their life. Endowed with ideas and action plan for clients that aided them to decide and ease the change. Coached clients in bursting their misery, negative emotions and turmoil. Also supporting Corporate Organizations, business employees and owners through exclusive coaching sessions and training improving businesses. Friends and clients in the Corporate and Educational field remember me for my Motivational speeches with NLP Techniques, for my effective interaction and passion to resolve their issues.

My Area of Expertise

Corporate Trainings

One-On-One Coaching

NLP Workshops

Motivational Seminars

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