Depression & Trauma

Disturbing events in life that stimulate stress, feeling of helplessness and uncontrollable emotions can be considered as trauma. Recurring bad memories, nightmares, incidents, make anyone feel distrustful, frozen and detached with the world. Trauma and depression include a sudden shift in emotions, lack of concentration, anxiety, negative thinking, not mingling with the people, variation in eating and sleeping, addictions to drugs and alcohol.

Trauma and Depression can grip anybody without any notice. If this is not identified at the right time and cured then it may lead to worse situations and may develop suicidal tendencies. The medication that is usually done is more potentially devastating situation making the person more restless, sleeplessness, weight gain and many more side effects.

Great news is that NLP can any traumatized person or a person who is in depression with very effective techniques. NLP changes the thought patterns of unconscious mind further altering the behaviour of the person. The person is allowed to get a relaxed state and the internal conflicting communication is reconstructed with the desired state. Emotions of a traumatized or depressed person are understood and negative thoughts, traumatic events shifted with the desired state in NLP.

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