Terrible Teenage!

Terrible Teenage (Parenting Series- 1)

Is your son adamant and does not always listen to what is said?
Is your son so stubborn and disobliging that he ignores your instructions all the time?

Your son used to be so intelligent and playful, but now he is  opposite and always in an irritated mood!
Your son doesn’t even talk to you and is always silent?

All the above statements are not uncommon nor rare as your son or daughter is metamorphosing into a different individual, with a different personality as he is getting reorganized extensively physically and psychologically. “Teenage” is the transition age from childhood to adulthood and is considered between 13 to 19, hence named “teenage”. A lot of physical and psychological changes take place during this stage, which define the rest of one’s future life.

Teenage is the most wonderful age, capable of a cosmic level of excitement, a stunning attitude, and an eagerness to learn. Teenage is the best stage of life. No other stage of life is so hyper and responsive as a teenager’s. Teenagers have the energy and avidness to go to any extent to attain and accomplish their desires swiftly and surely.

The teenage brain acts totally differently compared to the child or adult brain. It’s like a new Ferrari, fully prepped and geared up. Teenagers go crazy because dopamine, a pleasure and motivational compound in the brain, is high in teens and other gushing hormones that seek sensation and do something, which could engage even in risky behaviors with less cognitive control. They’re driven more by emotion than logic and are so self-centered that they merely understand the emotions of adults or children.
They seem to be more rebellious and always seem to do what is not said or stopped, as they always want to be different and unique from others and do not like to accept any advice nor any instruction as they want to execute everything independently in their own way. So it’s obvious that parents are puzzled by the unwanted or unexpected behavior from them.

Teens are always misunderstood and there are many misconceptions about them which make them more vulnerable. Teens are egocentric, they are more focused on themselves, more concerned about their appearance, body, etc. During this stage, their emotions towards parents and family are subordinated to their interests and friends, who appear to be more important than any other. Emotionally, they can believe anyone without a second thought and can get obsessed or addicted to anyone or anything, be it a person, celebrity, a movie, or drugs, smoking, alcohol, gaming, etc. That is why this game is called “Terrible Teenage” and psychology considers it to be more hazardous than any other stage of life.

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