Empowering Self (for Teens)

Teenage seems to be one of the challenging ages and this challenge further surge with the attitudes of un-supportive teachers, over expecting parents and teasing friends. With the rapid change that is happening in the teenage brain and surrounding social and educational world, teens have to be helped to know who they are and what they are to define themselves. Teens would be desperately looking for an identity and at this juncture, if they’re not steered with their desired state then it may lead to worse situations. Teens may take a huge influence from heroic exposure from surroundings which may be constructive or destructive.

The way the teens are exposed to various situations or media that’s the way their brain gets shaped up and this may lead to positive behaviors or the negative thinking may escort towards low self-esteem leading to various addictions like smoking, drugs and alcohol, obsession, infatuated love, porn and so on. The teens may be more self-conscious and may be prone to teasing, bullying by their friends and abuse by parents.  It is important that the teens must be aware of their goals and help them aware of themselves consciously and if force is applied on them to follow the orders then they tend to become rebels which may lead to an unfavorable state of affairs.

Understanding their strategies and perpetual positions and with a matured conversation they can be guided to their desired outcomes. Because teens do not have a clear idea of what they want and what they can do, the good news is that NLP can help them discover what actually they want and can help them explore immensely. They can be guided towards clear goals, building confidence and self-belief. NLP can help teen with low self-esteem, addictions and various other issues to resolve within no time.

How this Program can help Teens?

  • Overcome low self-esteem, anxiety, stress and depression.
  • Resolve Obsessive behavior, hypersensitivity and negative thinking.
  • Develop confidence and overcome shyness, calmness and traumatic experiences.
  • Lash out negative thinking, self-doubt, fear, phobia,
  • Overcome addictions, inappropriate behavior, learning issues and poor academic performance.
  • Develop excellent communication skills, enhance relationships, open up to face challenges.
  • Overcome health issues, weight (low or high) issues, maintaining nutrition and diet.
  • Overcome undesired behaviors, anger and learn mannerisms and etiquettes.

For whom this Program is?

  • Designed for Teenagers from 13 to 19 years of age.

Duration: One Day