Employee Augmentation Program (for Organizations)

Studies have shown that the organizations with low internal conflicts (whether employee to employee or employee to the employer or vice versa), low stress and high self- esteem and regular growth opportunities tend to have more commitment towards the organizations which help employees perform 20% more and the retention increase to 86% in the organizations. Incessantly evolving environments and instability are the factors to which employees have to address swiftly and aptly. Employee discontent and insecurity may increase due to the issues caused by products, customers and within the organization affecting their performance. Stress in the organizations is a fact and resolving such circumstances can help employees and organizations achieve success. Workplace conflicts are also one of the core reasons because of which employees may not be able to perform leading to negative staff turnover. It’s all about improving the perceptions and changing the viewpoint the way employees look at, bringing rapid positive changes. NLP can bring out the change in thinking maps of every individual in the workplace and help peers understand each other better leading to resolution of stress and conflicts.

Yearning for adaptable, zestful, qualified and skilled staff is a common case for organizations leading to development and success and this requires equipping employees with trainings. NLP is the new age technology to develop human excellence in all aspects of the personality. Employee tends to develop various limiting beliefs, negative thinking patterns, behavioral issues, lack of goals affecting not only him but also the peers and organization too. NLP is one of the most powerful technologies for training the staff to develop their ability to communicate, resolve the avertable conflicts, stress, depression and helping them identify goals thus improving the workplace productivity and work efficiency.

How this program can help?

  • Achieve personal excellence and improve the healthy competitive spirit.
  • Enhance communication and teaming capability to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Improve self-esteem, motivation, positive attitude to improve work efficiency and productivity.
  • Develop rapport with clients, peers and improve negotiation skills and sales.
  • Develop personal and organizational goals to achieve.
  • Improve influential and engaging speaking and presentation skills.
  • Improve perceptions and resolve conflicts and in turn, enhance relationships.

Organizations invest in various conventional employee development trainings of which motivational workshops are also a part. However, when it comes to compelling and sustainable training NLP can create wonders among employees as it identifies the thinking patterns and behaviors and combs through the desired employee augmenting helping organizations improve employee engagement and retention.

For whom this Program is?

  • For every person who is an employee or self employed.

Duration: Customization is available