Research shows that 85% of the students just procrastinate on exams or academic projects. 65% of professionals procrastinate in tasks ending up nick of the moment completion leading to stress and anger having an impact on health. People with high goals or no goals usually tend to procrastinate. Procrastinate sometimes is an internal struggle which leads to delaying the work. Procrastination is also a self-deception or sort of complacency that makes them underperform. Regardless of how well a person is organized choices of time squandering can lead to a postponement.

Procrastination can also disturb social and personal life. However, every behavior has some positive intention. Need is to understand what actually the tasks that are making a person to delay and check higher intentions. Procrastination differs from person to person and is a lack of motivation and goals. When the person is guided to his goal and the thinking pattern is changed obviously the behavior is changed and procrastination can be shunned.

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