Cognitive Parenting (for Parents)

Is parenting a difficult task or an easy task? Who are called good parents and how to become the one? How can you change and help grow your children as per your aspirations? Instructing and controlling today’s children is nothing but to make them more blunt and stubborn which is a simple and common case of cause and effect in parenting. Everyone wants to see their children grow as per their aspirations, they want the children to think the way they think and move socially the way we expect them to move however we tend to forget that it’s burdensome for the parents and the children as well leading to frenzied relationships. We all receive information through our senses which create our own map of the world and apparently it’s unique to everyone. This is where people tend to act in response to their beliefs, values and behaviours.

This is where parents tend to create mayhem for themselves and for their children. They need to realize that the children also have their own map of their world. Here, parents force their map of the world onto the children parents expect them to behave well, study well but this can be misery for their children. Children flourish when they are given apt praise and appreciation and learn by exploration. They tend to shrink and grow defensive attitude in all aspect of their life. Families develop troublesome relationships when children seem to go out of the track. Parenting is an enduring course of action where modern-day demands the parents to learn and understand the stratagem of parenting.

NLP can effectively help parents to deal with all such issues and overcome all those obstacles which are becoming wearisome. Transforms your life to become the best parents and NLP can help you to achieve the desired outcome through the way you communicate with your children. You can influence them positively to execute your instructions provided you understand their map of the world and the way they perceive the information through their senses. Applying powerful techniques of NLP can make you a great parent and helps the child grow as projected.

What would you learn with this Program?

  • Understand your emotional states and strategize before you talk to the child.
  • Understand and identify your child’s dominant representation systems through which they perceive the information and get the result you anticipated.
  • Learn the importance of communicating with the children and influence them with the same.
  • Understand your child’s learning style and learn to foster his learning with amazing outcomes.
  • Learn how to enhance confidence and inspire your child to do the tasks for themselves.
  • Develop a fulfilling relationship with a child which leads to the harmonious life.

Who the program is for?

  • For Parents and newly married couple

Duration: One Day