Anger & Stress Management

Are you a victim of situations and your surroundings? Vexed with your own unwanted emotions? Are you stressed with uncontrollable circumstances in personal and professional life? Do you feel guilty of the consequences because of your anger and lack happiness?

If yes is your answer to all the above questions then you’ve landed on the right page and is about to change yourself by managing anger and stress and is going to achieve happiness.

Anger and stress are similar and are concurrent with each other. Both are emotions and can affect our lives if not managed positively. The constant anger and stress can lead to physical and psychological ill health. Anger and stress can cause low or high blood pressures, heart ailments, fearful, helpless leading to sabotaging relationships be it personal or professional or business.

The sessions with me you’ll be able to manage your anger and stress in proficient way irrespective of your usual habit. You’ll learn to employ the optimum amount of anger and stress for your good and happy life. You’ll understand how to manage anger and stress by calming your mind and firing all those images which are triggering making you stressed and angry. You’ll be able to control yourself, relaxed and comfortable in any circumstance.

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(Note: A Session is of One Hour)