Intention is Important for Success

Some time ago, an IT professional came to me and said he’s very stressed with his current job and that he’s losing his performance as a result, which is preventing him from being promoted, and that he may even lose his job, and that he’s very confused and depressed about what to do next because he doesn’t know anything else except this. I asked him what area makes him the most purposeful, existential, and happy in his life. After a lot of pondering, he said agriculture but was hesitant as it is an unappreciated, hard job and low-return area. I guided him to open up to what he desired the most, define the intention specifically with clarity, and once the intention is defined, trust it wholeheartedly and accept it in harmony physically and emotionally and visualize the future with confidence. After some time, he sent a selfie standing on his land with huge greenery in the background. He stated that he followed through as per the intention he designed, leaving the job to pursue his purposeful and existential interests and that he is now very content and happy, despite the fact that this occupation pays him slightly less than the previous one.

Research shows that when we define our intention, our intelligence and creativity begin to attract energy to it. “The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe” by Lynne McTaggart is full of studies supporting this energy and intention. It is said that everything in this universe has a defined intention and that this applies to all living beings. Even the mosquito has a reason for being born and biting. Every fruit, every vegetable and every small or large organism has an intention in its activities due to which this universe runs smoothly. No error happens once the intention is defined. Intention includes everything, including our soul, thoughts, emotions and even our physical body. The intention is omnipresent and monotheistic in nature.

How to define intention for guaranteed success

1. Conscientious: Understand the goal and pay close attention to what you and your inner desire, then clearly design it. Extinguish all negative emotions and thoughts. Synchronize your body, mind, and emotions towards the thing you want to achieve.

2. Discipline: Practice focusing on the intention. Once you decide, there may be distractions that ultimately force you to move away or drop the task. Training is a must for this. The training includes eliminating unwanted distractions and practising what you intend, even if it does not produce any results initially. Keep the mind clean from negative self-talk.

3. Avoid Doubt: Notice that there will be so many circumstances that cause doubt and second thoughts. While you define your intention, try to avoid being anxious about those doubts.  Recognize that your existence serves this purpose. Be confident and receptive to all those doubts rather than avoiding or running away from them.

4. Uncompromising: Do not spoil your thoughts by looking at others. The people surrounding you could mock you but have faith. It will also affect your own intentions and you will not be able to focus on your work. It is important to have a clear, flawless, and uncompromising intention. Your intention should not appear unattainable to you, nor should it be compromised.

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