Why Power Nap is Powerful

A study in the US proved that quashing power naps during working hours made multinational companies lose $31 billion in revenue. Due to this, many companies, right from British Airways, Nike and so many others, have initiated allowing power naps for their employees. Google has created relaxation pods where employees can listen to soothing music and relax for a few minutes.

A power nap means a short sleep which is taken usually during the daytime. Power napping is common in humans, especially in various cultures and even among animals. Naps are typically 10 minutes long and can last up to 30 minutes, during which time the person is rebooted and refreshed. There isn’t any established standard, and it depends upon individual factors. Though power naps do not cure sleep deprivation, they do provide temporary relief.

Power naps are truly magical and can cast out sluggishness during the day, usually in the afternoon. They have potential benefits when it comes to health, like enhanced cognitive abilities, improved memory, elevated mood, good concentration, increased rational thinking, and creativity. Research proves that power naps could be beneficial for the heart. A study conducted on some Swiss employees found that regular power naps could decrease the risk of heart disease. A nap provides improved patience, less stress, and more productivity.

 How to take a power nap

The most ideal time for a power nap is in the afternoon, right after lunch. This is the time when a person experiences a natural low in their activity, making it suitable for a power nap. Just follow these simple ways to get the optimum power nap:

  • Select a calm and comfortable place where there are fewer disturbances and a suitable chair.
  • Define minutes of nap clearly and repeat it to yourselves. For example, tell yourself that you’ll open your eyes exactly after 10 or 20 minutes and repeat it a few times.
  • Close your eyes and disconnect yourself from the external world. Focus on your inner self. It’s good to have some relaxing thoughts or visualise something good and positive.
  • Calm down totally and slowly observe the darkness before your eyelids. And enjoy a calming freshness and get rebooted.
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